Small-size high / low temperature test chamber
  • Small-size high / low temperature test chamber
  • Small-size high / low temperature test chamber

Small-size high / low temperature test chamber


Performance features:

1. Small size appearance: Compact structure, concise panel, simple operation and beautiful appearance;

2. Wide temperature range: Wide temp. range that can meet most test requirements related to temperature;

3. High efficient and intelligent: Different conditions have different operation modes that can mostly save the energy and reduce the noise; automatically check if there is internal heat source, and has the automatic start/stop cooling system;

4. High mute function: Low noise that is suitable to use in laboratory under quiet environment;

5. Friendly interface: There are two round holes on both sides of the chamber, convenient for leading wire; a rectangular connector is designed for microwave / communication users, convenient for wideguide and other inflexible connectors in and out; the height of the chamber is suitable to operate. 




Temp.   range


Internal   size




Open mode

Opening up

Internal   material

Stainless   steel sheet

Shell   material

Cold-roll   steel sheet with spraying treatment

Heat-up time(Room temp. ~+125℃)


Cooling   time(Room temp.   ~-70℃)



GB10589-89,   GB2423.1.2, IEC

Temp.   deviation


Temp.   fluctuation


Temp.   uniformity


Power   supply and max. current

220V/50Hz,   10A

Cooling   mode

Dual cascade   refrigeration (air cooling)

Moving   mode

Castor   movement

Protection   device

Independent   high-temp protection, leakage protection, overload protection, phase-break   protection, water break protection

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