MSK-AFA-II coating machine
  • MSK-AFA-II coating machine

MSK-AFA-II coating machine



It is especially suitable to manufacture battery substrate, which can ensure every positive and negative material of the substrate with the uniform density.    

Technical index:

Working pressure: 220 V AC

Max. power: 350W

Moving speed of the single-phase push rod: 10 - 55 mm (Can be adjusted through a locator)

Max. coating area: 250mm(W) x 550mm(L)

Size of the coating platform: 600mm L x 300mm width x 20mm Thick

It has the fixing clamp in the device to fix the lining. 

According to customers' requirements, the coating platform can be designed as vacuum bed to fix the lining through vacuum absorption.

Product dimension: 805mm(L) x 430mm(W) x 223mm(H)  


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