broadband cryogenic receiver
  • broadband cryogenic receiver

broadband cryogenic receiver


Product Name: broadband cryogenic receiver

Applications: Radio Astronomy

Main Specifications:

Operating Frequency: 1 ~ 10GHz;

System gain: ≥55dB;

Gain flatness: ≤ ± 5dB;

Noise temperature: ≤50K;

Output 1dB compression point: ≥5dBm;

Refrigeration: GM refrigeration (broadband feed the whole refrigeration);

Dimensions: height 748mm, diameter 600mm;

Dewar weight: ≤95Kg;

Power supply: 380V, 10KW;


  • Company Name:Hefei Research Institute Of Cryogenics And Electronics
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  • Contacts:Mr. MA Tian
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